Naturally activate
your survival genes

Naturally activate
your survival genes

Trigger your body's NRF2 pathway to support cognition, weight-loss, mood, hair/skin, detox, viral/bacterial protection, and general health

ClearSprouts produces broccoli sprout-based salad packs specially grown and prepared to deliver the highest dose of bioavailable sulforaphane on the market – a potent activator of your body’s natural energy, cleansing, and repair systems (Nrf2). Enhanced Blends are infused with additional ingredients to support the way you look, feel, and think.

The Power of Sulforaphane – a Potent NRF2 Activator

fat weight loss sulforaphane


“Blood sugar reduction similar to Metformin”

“Ameliorates obesity”

Depression Sulforaphane


“Antidepressant-like effects”

“Alleviated depressive symptoms & anxiety as well as prozac in animals”

Strength Sulforaphane


“Improves mitochondrial function”

“Protects muscle cells during extreme exertion”

Nootropic Sulforaphane


“May stimulate brain regeneration”

“Rescues memory disfunction”



“Causes dramatic boosts in the excretion of air pollutants (up to 61%) in humans”


Immune System

“Sulforaphane Suppresses Hepatitis C Virus Replication”

“Protects against Influenza A Virus Replication”

Broccoli Sprout Seeds

Unleash the Full Power of Your Brain, Body, and Immune System

Each ClearSprouts pack starts with our proprietary blend of broccoli sprouts containing the highest concentration of bioavailable sulforaphane on the market. In fact, our unique growing and processing methods result in over 51,200% more bioavailable sulforaphane at consumption than mature broccoli, 4,500% more than mature sprouts, and 400-1,000%+ more than leading sulforaphane supplements.

Studies Include: Weight-loss | Cancer/Chemo | Brain/Memory | Detoxification | Cholesterol | Gut Health | Depression/Mood | Diabetes | Skin & Hair | Inflammation | Athletic Performance | Infection | Heart & Cardiovascular Health | Bone, Liver, Lung, Eye, & Kidney Health | Aging | Pain Relief | Stroke Prevention | Longevity and More...

An Energizing Snack or Daily Meal

ClearSprouts snack sizes contains 2-3 large bites of sprouts – perfect for mixing into shakes, salads, or used as a topping. Daily salad packs are about the size of a small side-salad and contain several times more sulforaphane for effects you can really feel. Enhanced Blends are further infused with additional supplements for greater health and nutritional support. All sprouts are sprinkled with organic olive oil and seasoning for a light, delicious taste. Add protein, your favorite veggies, a salad dressing, or eat it straight from the bag.



Broccoli sprouts have drastically higher levels sulforaphane and nutrient density.

Supplement Foods

Food not Pills

Mix into your food or eat alone – like a small side salad or a flavorful, healthy snack.

ClearSprout Pack

Daily Packs

One pack has everything you need. No measuring, mixing, or preparation – just grab and go.

ClearSprout Reviews

Great Taste

All-natural oils and flavors means that eating healthy is now easy and delicious.

Quality Protection


Store bought and home grown sprouts have high contamination risk – don’t take the chance.

ClearSprout Variations

Enhanced Blends

ClearSprout blends amplify the power of each pack with additional ingredients.

ClearSprouts Production

What's Inside?

The sprouts contained in each packet are so fresh they’re still almost seeds –  just a few days old when they arrive at your door. Grown and produced in central Iowa, the agricultural heartland of the USA, ClearSprouts takes pride in our organic, all-natural product – No artificial flavors, GMO’s, or preservatives.

broccoli Sprouts

Organic Broccoli Sprouts

The foundation of each pack is broccoli sprouts – specially grown and prepared for the highest sulforaphane bioavailability on the market.

Radish and Ground Mustard

Shredded radish and a dash of ground mustard not only add flavor and substance to each pack, but help create more sulforaphane.

ClearSprout Oils

Organic Oils and Spices

The ingredients you choose are mixed into Olive, coconut/MCT, or a high Omega oil for added nutrition, stabilization, and better taste.

ClearSprout Supplements

Local Ingredients

ClearSprout and ClearSprout blends are created with the highest quality ingredients sourced from local farmers and producers in the USA.

How It Works

ClearSprout Shipping


Fast, cold shipping for maximum potency & freshness

Freeze Sulforaphane


Keep Refrigerated. Place in the freezer 15 minutes before consumption



When ready to eat, crush the lightly frozen package with your hands



Wait ten minutes while your ClearSprout package thaws

Eat Sprouts


Open and mix in salads, shakes, foods or eat plain

Repeat order


Refrigerated sprouts start to lose potency after 2-3 weeks

Fresh Sprouts vs. Pills and Powders

What makes fresh sprouts so much better? Simply put, sulforaphane is relatively unstable after formation. This means much of its potential is quickly lost when broccoli sprout pills and powders sit on the shelf for days or even hours. By waiting until just a few minutes before consumption to combine the sulforaphane producing enzymes with the precursor glucoraphanin (when you crush frozen ClearSprout packs), ClearSprout maximizes the bioavailable sulforaphane in a way no dry shelf supplement ever could.

Broccoli sprouts
ClearSprout Organic Broccoli Sprouts

A Daily Dose of Concentrated,
All-Natural Sulforaphane

Starting at $1.99 per pack

Maximum Bioavailability, Minimal Waste

Growing and preparing sprouts to maximize sulforaphane takes 10x the time and effort, which is why we designed an easy, convenient way to get your daily sulforaphane without spending hours soaking, rinsing, measuring, freezing, heating, mixing, timing, and dosing sprouts at home.

  • ClearSprout is delivered when sulforaphane concentration is at its highest. Immediately refrigerating each pack helps preserve this concentration for several weeks.
  • Our processing methods break down the enzymes that divert glucoraphanin (sulforaphane’s precursor) into alternative pathways while leaving the enzymes that create sulforaphane untouched to provide doses far in excess of naturally grown sprouts.
  • Optimal growth conditions using custom rinsing techniques, the latest equipment, and a certified production facilities.
  • Save hours each week – No hassle, no mess.
  • We’ve designed packaging for easy crushing and protection of the most important enzymes while frozen.
  • 100% vegan, 100% gluten free, 100% dairy free, 100% soy free, 100% free from artificial chemicals.
  • Made in the USA – Premium ingredients are 100% sourced from the USA.

Powerful Blends

ClearSprouts Blends combine the power of
sulforaphane with other popular supplements

ClearSprout Blends

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