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Large packs are about the size of a small side salad – it would fill your hands if you cupped both of them together in-front of you. Small packs are just a few bites worth – a nice, energy boosting snack!

Each ClearSprout pack contains sprouts that are just a few days old when you get them – at the peak of freshness. Freezing them enables you to store them for 3-4 weeks before the sulforaphane potential starts to drop significantly. While you need to freeze them to maximize sulforaphane, if you decide not to freeze them then they should be always be refrigerated and eaten within 1 week.

Sulforaphane forms when broccoli sprout cell walls are broken. Freezing is the best way to maximize sulforaphane production and crushing the package further mixed the enzymes needed for its creation.

We recommend eating between 4-5 packs a week as part of your normal diet, but it won’t hurt to eat them every day.

Eat a pack as a side salad during meal, mix with a larger salad as a nutrition booster, or blend it up a smoothie.

Each pack includes a standard organic olive oil mix and is estimated to have 100 calories for large packs and 60 calories for small packs. There is no sugar or dairy in ClearSprouts and it’s perfect for ketogenic, paleo, and vegan diets.

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Reminder: Your ClearSprouts are grown to order and take at least 4 days to ship. Due to a surge in demand, there may be an additional week delay. We are working to expand our growing capacity to eliminate this inconvenience. Thanks for your patience.

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