Free ClearSprouts for medical teams and high-risk groups

While there are no specific studies on Sulforaphane or NRF2 and Covid-19, there is research showing effectiveness against related viral infections and lung diseases – including slowing viral replication and preventing ARDS, which could be the difference between life and death for patients in critical condition. This potentially could also be effective at reducing the viral load in high-exposure positions like nurses, doctors, and testing staff – giving their bodies the time they need to properly fend off the virus without getting overwhelmed.

With the exponential spread of the Coronavirus and subsequent illness and death across the United States, we will now be providing medical teams and individuals in high-risk groups across the country with as many ClearSprout packs as we possibly can at no charge. Our goal is to say yes to anyone who needs it. To do this, we’re rely ing on donations and revenues from those that can afford it to purchase at normal prices.

It’s our hope that this contribution will not only provide those on the front-lines with a mental boost to persevere during long shifts, but help them fight off and prevent serious infection when they are exposed to the virus. Again, this assumption is untested, but we simply don’t have time to wait.

If you’d like to make a donation to provide additional packs to hospitals and clinics around the country, please click the button below. Every dollar will go towards covering supply costs and delivery of Clearsprouts packs to hospitals, testing centers, and clinics around the United States.

Please email us at if you’d like to request free supplies for your workers/staff. Please only request packs for hospitals, clinics, and other testing facilities. Frontline doctors, nurses, and other workers are our current priority.

Thank you,

– Clearsprouts Operations Team



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Your ClearSprouts are grown to order. Due to a recent surge in demand, there is currently an additional 1-2 week waiting period before shipment. We are working to expand the growing capacity at our facilities as fast as possible to eliminate this inconvenience. Thank you.

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