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More SFN, Better Taste, Unlimited Options

Clearsprouts has been in development for over a year as we’ve perfected the seed selection, growing, packing, and delivery process. The result is an unbelievable amount of all natural sulforaphane, greater bioavailability, and far more effectiveness than homegrown sprouts, supplements, or any other sulforaphane supplement.

Clearsprouts sprouts
sulf molecule clearsprouts

A difficult molecule to make

Sulforaphane is produced when a plant feel stressed or experiences trauma/injury. SFN has extremely short life and is pretty unstable once it’s formed, which makes it difficult to create a shelf-stable molecule in pill or powder form. Even when grown from a seed at home, most of the sulforaphane potential of broccoli sprouts is wasted – either sprouting conditions don’t cause it to be created at all or it’s quickly converted into something else by natural enzymes.

How it’s made

From seed selection to timed stressors, perfect harvesting, and natural enzyme deactivation, maximizing sulforaphane is more difficult than it looks.

broccoli seeds

Organic seeds are sourced and selected from special US farms to maximize the sulforaphane potential in every sprout.

Early sprout life

By exposing seeds and sprouts to timed, natural stressors, we force each sprout to maximize sulforaphane production.


Grown to naturally minimize contamination each step of the way, we avoid illness, bacteria, and rot – common with self-sprouting.

pressure and heat clearsproutis

Heat baths deactivate conversion enzymes and additional ingredients provide extra sulforaphane creating power.

How it’s consumed

Clearsprouts sulforaphane is created just minutes before you consume it, meaning that it’s not only concentrated in maximum amounts, but is far more bioavailable for your body to absorb.

California Olive Oil

 A light olive oil coating ensures freshness for weeks while refrigerated.

ClearSprout Organic Broccoli Sprouts

A quick freeze before eating means that every plant cell is producing sulforaphane.

diakon radish clearsprouts

Extra ingredients maximize sulforaphane and provide an amazing taste.

Clearsprouts Viral Resistance Blend

Create and customize blends for taste or unique supplement power.


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